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Is Archive Fashion Sustainable?

What comes to your mind when you think of second-hand fashion? Thrifting? Maybe quirkily curated vintage shops? If so, you might be surprised to hear that there is a niche in the fashion world where pre-owned garments are traded for the price of a brand-new car. So called ‘Archive Fashion’ is all about the historical context, rarity and relevance of a garment to a designer's oeuvre in retrospect, causing prices to skyrocket on second-hand resale platforms such as Grailed. Can this gatekeeping of second-hand pieces and the hype around Archive Fashion be sustainable?   An Artisanal Margiela vest and Raf Simons bombers in a Japanese Archive Store   A prime example of what archivists seek is Raf Simons' iconic Autumn/Winter...

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One Tee One Kg

Plastic recovery: How your T-shirt purchase will prevent a kilogram of plastic rubbish from entering the ocean. For every T-shirt order made during our ‘One Tee One Kg’ promotion, a kilogram of ocean-bound plastic is recovered and recycled - the equivalent of 50 plastic bottles. We count the orders and fund the plastic recovery that is done through our friends at Plastic Bank. The offer is enabled automatically on all restore t-shirt purchases, so all that's left for you to do is is to rock the restore t-shirt that you buy and help spread the word of #noplanetb. Find out when the next One Tee One Kg weekend is on by following u’s on Instagram or read on to learn more about how the...

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Circular Fashion

The future, remade. Our new products are made from our old products, which are designed from the start to be sent back when they are worn out. This is circular fashion. Resource Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced while a truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill every second. Slowing fast fashion down is a good first step, but slowing it down won't stop it. Yet when we take the waste material at the end, and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything. That's what we've done. Our products and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastic. And every product we make is designed to be sent back...

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