Vintage Tops

At Restore, the quality and heritage that can be found in vintage, is what drives us. This is something that we aspire to reflect in our own collection as well. It could be a pocket knife admired for its beauty and craftsmanship, a vintage beautifully faded worker's jacket or a military piece with tons of history. We carry an extra worn assortment of jeans from Levi's to Lee, and a Swedish parka WW2 Army field coat. Ca. 1940. A vintage wool flannel plaid overshirt from The Minnesota Woolen Co. founded in Duluth USA in 1916. We've follow our instincts, build on 3 decades of experience within the fashion industry. 

We seek to honor craftsmanship, values that rise above “fast-fashion”. Material that are recognized for its durability or its form and we believe our items on offer are of the highest quality.