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Rare Vintage Ministry Stigma T-shirt

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Vintage Ministry Stigma T-shirt, Rare 1991 Single Stitch T-shirt, Made in the US on a Brockum tag.

"Stigmata" is a song by American industrial metal band Ministry. From 1988’s The Land of Rape and Honey. The song features distorted vocals, guitars and compressed drum machine loops. The song was an underground hit. The music video—which was said to get a regular airing on MTV—features gritty black and white machinery, gears, symbols, the band playing live, strobe-like montages of eyes (which are the only elements presented in color). The song was said to be Ministry's "finest moment until 1992".

The track was later featured in the 1995 Hong Kong action comedy film Rumble in the Bronx. The 2017 action movie Atomic Blonde (taking place in 1989) features a cover of the song by Marilyn Manson. The 12-inch single remix of the song was featured in the 2006 video game, Tony Hawk's Project 8. The song was also featured as an unlockable track in the 2009 video game Brütal Legend.