Vintage Baseball Jackets

From the get go, the satin jacket has never had a very good rep. When you think of a guy in one (and we are being gender specific here), the smarmy type immediately comes to mind, shifty guys who may have an armful of watches to sell you, or perhaps work in the record industry.

Then there is the vintage jock staple of the Starter jacket. Maybe, you always wanted a Celtics team jacket, but never having seen a Celtics game, you thought better of it. More recently, there was the quilted ivory scorpion number that Ryan Gosling wore in the moodily cinematic, Drive.

and you may have found a replica of that one, and quickly discovered that the only thing you couldn’t pass for more than a basketball fan was a moodily cinematic Ryan Gosling.

However, there’s lots of styles of satin jacket that you can pull off, it’s the classic Souvenir Jacket, With its contrasting colors and elaborate embroidery, these jackets are perhaps the only satin jackets that can be worn without a sense of irony. (Well, almost) at least. :)