Vintage Inspired Products

restore is a Copenhagen based clothing brand and vintage shop that offers apparel inspired by modern classics. Born out of a love for natur and vintage clothing, specifically seeking to spread the word of sustainable living. It’s our goal to get everyone in sustainable clothing by 2030. By choosing sustainable materials like organic cotton we are headed towards a healthier future for the planet.

But as everyone has come to understand, the most sustainable t-shirt is the one you already own or the one you find in a vintage store.

If you still feel a need to buy new, for obvious reasons. Your in trouble!

This is why our focus is on circular fashion, rather than linear. For us that means making our new products from organic cotton and post-consumer remanufactured cotton - so you can be part of the solution - not part of the problem.

Watered by the monsoon in the North of India, our organic cotton is grown, ginned, spun, dyed, woven, cut and sewn in factories powered by renewable energy. All graphics are printed with water based ink using renewable energy as well. Products are designed from the start to be remade. That means materials flow back to the maker and new products are made from old products. This allows us to make many of our t-shirt with 50% Post-consumer remanufactured organic cotton.

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