Rare Vintage Collection

With Vintages rise in popularity, there have been more and more vintage shops and sellers popping up on all platforms. There are many categories and niches among the broad tag “vintage”. Google the term “vintage clothing” you’ll find items from antiques too late 2000’s graphic tees. In broad terms, most people agree on that any item 20 years or older is vintage.

Then there is the term “True Vintage”. Gatekeepers will insist that True Vintage means authentic clothing and accessories pre-1965, collectors say the shape and make of the clothing is more flattering, as opposed to today’s fashion, which is over-exposing in a cheap and tacky way, which is fair enough! ;)

So what do you do when you want to get more specific? In our experience clothes made throughout the 70s and 80s, have the same attributes "shape and make of the clothing is better quality and more flattering", as opposed to today’s fashion. So what term do you use for this period? And still keep The Gatekeepers happy? 

At Restore we call these pieces Rare Vintage!