Gen Z Are crazy for 2000s Teen Culture And Millennials Feel Old. Lanvin's ode to the MTV-era, Chanel's throwback accessories. Romanticising the early 00s has become a big post-pandemic mood!

The fetishisation of bygone eras is actually deeply telling, a clue to our hopeful motions towards an unsure future.

While it feels like we’re only just getting over the hangover of – yet another! – nineties renaissance, the cultural psyche has shifted focus, to the early 00s.

Gen Z Tik-Tokers are longing after teen culture in the 2000s, making millennials feel like their youth was lightyears ago. 

Whether it is the Killers punk-rock anthems, overblown hairdos, scene kids, Motorola flip phones or the multicoloured neon visor shades worn by Kanye West in the Stronger video, the 00s were a much different, simpler time.

Millennials, are struggling to grasp how their teenage years are now something to be romanticised.

Quote from a random Tik Tok chat:

One commented. ‘Wait… has time progressed so far that the mid to late 2000s are now the romanticised years??? WHY ARE WE SO OLD,’ 

Another wrote: ‘Nothing makes you feel old like kids idiolising your youth.’ A third commented: ‘I like how TikTok shows this as the cool part of the era but it certainly wasn’t. We were the OUTCASTS.’ A fourth wrote: ‘Literally it was not a great time, we were all really sad and 90% of us didn’t have smart phones.’

In a follow-up video, the Tik Toker said: ‘I didn’t mean to make you guys feel old. Just so you guys know I’m actually 20, and a lot of people are teens… but I’m an adult. So, I mean, I was there in its prime but I was young so maybe I just saw things that were the good side of things.’

She added: ‘I mean I knew about the darker things, but I think I saw more people out having fun, like going to the mall and stuff. Just like dumb stuff, like no-one does that anymore. I’m jealous of you guys, because whenever I would go to one of my friends’ houses when I was like 13 -15, they’d always be on their phone, and I’d always be on my phone.’

‘I never got to just… take it all in, you know what I’m saying? And whenever I do go out, I never see anyone my age. I’m just jelly, that’s all.’
We are not suggesting the 00s were not void of injury (as anyone whose watched Framing Britney Spears will attest). They were chaotic times, loud, problematic - and thus a fascinating era to revisit decades later. 
On a lighter note, the styles, sounds and screen time this era birthed celebrated something we are all on the verge of and greedy for, after months of indoor isolation. Fun, frivolity!!! As the adage goes: sooner or later, everything old is new again.