Vintage Polo Knits, Versace and The Talented Mr. Ripley

A polo shirt is a wardrobe staple, recently the resurgence of the polo's rough-and-tumble cousin, the rugby shirt, has gained popularity in the Vintage community. Another twist on the classic is the '70s style polo shirts—the kind with retro collars and striping on the sleeves. We'll admit these clingy knits are slightly tougher to wear than a thick cotton rugby—they leave nothing to the imagination—but if you've got the upper body to pull one off, nothing is cooler.

Tuck it into a pair of equally right-now pleated pants. For an even more dressed up spin, wear one under a slim-cut suit. (They're also a bit more forgiving this way.) If you want something more casual for your weekend adventures, channel Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley and wear it with a pair of off-white jeans or chinos, loafers, and classic tortoise sunglasses. Or, if you manage to escape work for a warm-weather vacation, you could make Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name your inspiration, and wear the shirt with above-the-knee shorts and canvas sneakers.

For 20 years, The Talented Mr. Ripley has captivated audiences with the undeniable allure of Dickie Greenleaf's (AKA: Jude Law) style. In particular, his Italian polo knits have become iconic fashion pieces that embody a timeless elegance and casual nonchalance. It's no wonder these garments still take center stage in fashion circles today!

But where did such a unique item originate? To understand the history behind this classic piece, we must go back to Italy in the 1950s. What made this outfit so special? According to costume designer Ann Roth, "We chose an Italian knit because we wanted something very lightweight and comfortable...I think they understood that when you look at someone wearing something like that they don't seem dressed up or too formal". This relaxed attitude towards life struck a chord with viewers everywhere.

The director enlisted renowned Italian designer Gianni Versace to create a collection of elegant knitwear that could carry Dickie Greenleaf’s character throughout the film – and Versace certainly delivered! He designed exquisite sweaters and polo knits with intricate patterns of various colors, textures and shapes; creating looks that were both fashionable and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Although they may not be as well-known items now as they were during their heyday of The Talented Mr Ripley era, Italian knits will forever remain embedded in movie history - thanks largely to Anthony Minghella’s creative vision and Gianni Versace’s remarkable craftsmanship. They continue to serve as inspiring reminders that fashion should always be effortless yet stylishly unforgettable – just like Dickie Greenleaf himself!