Tree planting: How your purchase makes a difference

From time to time we sponsor a Buy One, Get One Tree weekend. During this time we plant a tree for every T-shirt order placed. We count the orders throuhout the weekend and fund the tree planting.

Of the 1 billion items of clothing made each year, almost 40% of all production is never utilised. This means a dump truck of textiles waste goes straight to landfill, every second. And when you think about it, climate change is because of stuff like this. CO2 pollution occurs as part of the process of making things.

That's why we make things differently. Our products and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastic. Every product we make is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out - we make new products from the material we recover, so the cycle itself is renewable.

Instead of making more things and hoping for change, we exist to change the way things are made. That's what sustainability means to us. So why plant trees too? As we can, the better question is why would we not?

To make sure our planting efforts are as effective as possible, we partner with various tree-planting projects and organisations. Most of them are international, where we can have the biggest impact.

So far our partnerships have mostly contributed to projects that have reforested large areas of Madagascar.

These trees help keep the Madagascan coast line stable, diversifying and restoring the natural balance of nature, preserving the environment for native species and ecosystems. The project also offers long-term employment to local communities and improves the livelihood for local workers.

The tree planting organisations we work with are focused on maintaining natural biodiversity and combating deforestation, working in areas where the trees are needed the most.