The story of Fila began over 100 years ago when two brothers from the small town of Biella at the foot of the Italian Alps decided to open up a textile shop. The brothers, who were known for their entrepreneurial spirit and drive, sold quality sewing materials that quickly caught on with the locals.

In time, they decided to expand their business into knitwear manufacturing in order to capitalize on their success. They created fine sweatshirts, scarves and jumpers which earned them a reputation as some of Italy's most innovative designers with reliable quality.

By 1942, word had spread far enough that the brothers merged with Fila Fratelli and enjoyed another 25 years as leaders in knitwear production. But then came 1968 when Giansevero Fila hired Enrico Frachey as managing director - an appointment that would not only bring about tremendous growth for Fila but also revolutionize sportswear design forever!

With his keen eye for detail and commitment to innovation, Frachey pushed forward a new era in sports fashion by introducing iconic pieces like tracksuits, warm-up suits and tennis apparel for both men and women - all designed using lightweight fabrics backed by smart branding techniques such as bold logos emblazoned across each item.

Today, thanks to these two enterprising brothers from humble beginnings plus one savvy managing director over half a century ago – Fila is now one of the world’s leading sportswear brands recognized everywhere you go!