Curated Vintage. What's its secret?

There is none, really.

Restore Cph simply sells vintage, just better. Our curation has the urgency of streetwear but the good taste of ready-to-wear.

Our contemporary specialty is the stuff that people are already wearing and want to continue wearing: washed-out denim jackets, boxy hoodies, washed-out T-shirts, lightwash jeans, all tastefully slouchy. Cool-guy Californian style for the downtown tastemaker. Young people's clothes for grown-ups. Or vice versa.

There are no clichés in Restore only classics. Streetwear tropes, like the juvenile graphic stimulation typical of the genre, are restrained. We know our way around the 20th century iconography and our garments are distinctive on our own merits.

We frequently dabble in single stitched t-shirts, leathers, and denim, seeking the look of lived-in clothes, ready to be lived in.

We are not a luxury Brand, its about wearability. Nothing is too aspirational, too weird, too boring. And our collaborations are nice, too, but it's really all about the clothes.

Because, yes, lot of what we are sourcing, could pass for stuff sold by stores that're five times more expensive than Restore Cph— or maybe it's that, these days, we pay way to much for branding.