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Vintage Com8 Sweatshirt

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Vintage Com8 Sweatshirt. COM-EIGHT was founded in 1998 by French rapper Joey Starr, member of the legendary hip hop group NTM.

With its strong message, the COM-EIGHT  label gave voice to a whole young and suburban generation. Through it, they took pride in being considered and represented by a brand that promoted a lifestyle mindful of their values.

In 2020, millennials originating from Paris and its suburbs took over the brand. It’s time, they thought, to revive the French street culture. It is one of the few French street label that genuinely highlights the young generation.

This Sweatshirt is from Com-eight’s collection from the 2000’s. A story of a gang of friends with different social backgrounds. Authentic, proud, audacious, rebels, curious and challenging.

Passionate about fashion and willing to succeed, they mix different cultural influences and were prepared to disrupt classical dress codes. 

Very rare!