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Vintage Police Sweatshirt

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Vintage Police Sweatshirt, Reverse Weave. 95% cotton 5% polyester, made in the US. Placerville City History, The story of old Hangtown really begins at Coloma, where James Marshall built a sawmill on the South Fork of the American River for his employer John Sutter. On January 24, 1848, Marshall discovered flecks of gold in the tail race of the mill, and when the news spread, the great Gold Rush began.

Up ravines and over hills miners and merchants, soldiers and seamen scrambled throughout the area. By the summer of 48, more than a thousand men were working the ground at the new camp, which soon placed Coloma as the initial rendezvous for the Argonauts. But not all the newcomers were interested in gathering their share of the plentiful wealth by such back-breaking labor. Murders and robberies became frequent in isolated camps along the AmericanRiver, and before long, several merchants and miners had lost their gold at knife point.