Vintage Varsity Jacket - Restorecph
Vintage Varsity Jacket - Restorecph

Vintage Varsity Jacket

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Vintage Varsity Jacket, Original College Varsity Jacket, Made in the USA By Holloway. Made for a Varsity college swimmer.

The iconic varsity jacket’s origins trace all the way back to Harvard University in the year 1865.

Harvard’s baseball team at the time was the first known group of students to sew large old English “H” patches onto their uniforms.

But these uniforms weren’t varsity jackets, so to speak. Not yet, at least.

Soon, different teams from different schools, from all over the nation, had lettered sweaters and eventually high schools started to walk in the steps of their collegiate predecessors.

By 1930, the varsity jacket finally took on the form we’re so familiar with – wool jackets, leather sleeves and chenille lettering.

Varsity jackets have changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that varsity jackets are a sign of achievement. You’ve earned your varsity jacket and now, with the ability to customize jackets with different colors, patches, designs and so on, each jacket can be as unique as the student wearing it.