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Vintage Vans Sweatshirt

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Vintage Vans Sweatshirt, 80% cotton 20% polyester. Made in the US.

After working for some years at Randy's, a shoe manufacturer, Paul Van Doren decided he wanted to start his own shoe brand. On March 16, 1966, at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California, Van Doren, his brother James and Gordon C. Lee opened the first Vans store under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company. The business manufactured shoes and sold them directly to the public. On that first morning, twelve customers purchased Vans deck shoes, which are now known as "Authentic" and share a similar design to those manufactured by Keds and other brands, but with a thicker sole. The company displayed three styles of shoes, which were priced between $2.49 and $4.99, but on the opening day, the company had only manufactured display models without any inventory ready to sell—the store rack boxes were actually empty. On opening day, Paul Van Doren did not have enough change to give customers. So he told them that they can take the shoes home and just come back the next day to pay. The following day, all the customers came back to pay.

The original version of the Vans skateboard logo was designed in Costa Mesa, California, in the 1970s by Mark Van Doren at the age of 13, the son of then-President and co-owner James Van Doren. Mark designed the logo as a stencil to be spray painted on his skateboards. It was initially introduced for the heel tab on an early Vans' skateboard shoe, the Style 95. After his son's interest in skateboarding James decided to manufacture skateboarding shoes.

In 1976, the "Off The Wall" logo made its debut. This motto was a slang used by skateboarders doing tricks in empty pools. Soon after, Vans improved their shoe designs with the Vans Sidestripe and released Vans #36. This has become known as the Old Skool design.