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Vintage USA Olympic Sweatshirt

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Vintage USA Olympic Sweatshirt.

At the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, NY, the U.S. team members arrived in cowboy hats and tan shearling jackets inspired by the "Great Out West." While the U.S. did not attend that year's summer Olympics (the country boycotted the games due to political tension with the event's host country, Russia), they returned in 1984 with red, white, and blue jackets and baseball caps to capture the essence of American pride and sportsmanship.

Throughout the 1990s, several brands took on the role of designing the Team USA uniforms, however, in 2008, American fashion mogul Ralph Lauren partnered with the United States Olympic Committee, forging a longstanding relationship that continues to this day. Many of Lauren's designs have favored navy blazers and khaki trousers, winter iterations of the games have seen sporty puffer jackets and even a set of cardigans boasting the stars and stripes. During the 2016 games, the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team wore leotards embued with over 5,000 Swavorski crystals.