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Vintage The Osbourne's T-shirt

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Vintage The Osbourne's T-shirt, 100% cotton. 

When it comes to reality television, The Osbournes is arguably the greatest and most memorable show of all time. MTV documenting the lives of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne marked a pivotal moment for television (for better, or for worse) and gave us some truly iconic moments.

In the early 2000s, Ozzy Osbourne became America’s favorite dysfunctional father while giving the world a myriad of off-the-cuff catchphrases. “Sharon!” became a household siren, while moments of the Prince of Darkness yelling at the family’s many pets and attempting to work a state-of-the-art TV remote became immortalized in pop culture.

Always up for a fight, Sharon Osbourne went to war with her neighbors in Season One of The Osbournes. The folks next door made a habit of playing trance music into the early morning hours while chattering away on their porch, leading to a battle of wits between Sharon and her new enemies. The situation came to a head when Ozzy, who’d been threatened with violence, threw a massive chunk of wood through the neighbors’ window.

Growing up isn’t easy, especially when TV cameras are catching all the moments that teenagers attempt to get away with. From sex to substances, no topic was off limits for The Osbournes, even when Ozzy caught Jack with a knife in his pocket and cocaine on his shirt.