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Vintage The Mandalorian T-shirt

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Vintage The Mandalorian T-shirt, “Mando” is great. He starts as straight Clint Eastwood the man with no name type but slowly reveals to have a lot of personalities.

He’s also not a good guy in the traditional sense. He’s mostly watching out for himself, and he’s not above getting his hands dirty, but then shows a softer side when caring for the Baby Yoda character.

He also has a bit of Indiana Jones in him. Harrison Ford once said that he wanted Indy to be a mortal hero, and the reason that people resonate with the character is that he’s not indestructible. We see him get hurt throughout the films.

It’s much the same with the Mandalorian. He’s hurt. He fails. He doesn’t always win. He’s competent but he’s not a superhero. And, he gets by on his skills. He’s not a space wizard that can develop new powers every time the story calls for it.