Vintage Mushroomhead T-shirt - Restorecph
Vintage Mushroomhead T-shirt - Restorecph

Vintage Mushroomhead T-shirt

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Vintage Mushroomhead T-shirt. Mushroomhead is the debut album from heavy metal band Mushroomhead. It was released independently in Cleveland, Ohio, United States in 1995. Some songs have been remastered on XX. Many of the songs contain samples from movies. This is the only album to feature the original line-up, as member Mr. Murdernickel would leave the band after the album's release, although he has songwriting credits on a few tracks on the next album. The album was re-pressed in 2002 along with Superbuick and M3 with alternate artwork, though some major retailers do not carry them. In 2001, the album had sold over 47,000 copies, a considerable number for an album not available in most chain stores and retail markets.