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Vintage Fila Sweatshirt

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Fila was created in Biella, Italy, by the Fila brothers in 1909. It originally started by making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, After years of success in the tennis industry, Fila began making shoes for sports ranging from basketball to mountaineering, which ended up sprouting their streetwear success in the 90s with everyone from Tupac to Timmy from next door rocking an oversized Fila sweat.

From here, Fila has always been seen as an alternative to Nike and Adidas, they carry unique styling that is reminiscent of the early 90s. The brand has seen a recent revival in popularity amongst the vintage scene alongside other 90s brands such as Champion which were once considered unfavourable but are now selling with haste at second-hand clothing stores.

Best known for their polo shirts, sweatshirts and shoes, Fila's designs are always bold and they most definitely do not shy away from bright colours or daring silhouettes. It is this creative bravery that has brought them back to the mainstream, granting the Italian firm a stream of collaborations with the likes of Odd Future, Urban Outfitters, Fendy and even Pepsi.