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Vintage Enyce Sweatshirt

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Vintage Enyce Sweatshirt, Enyce ([NYC]) is an American hip hop fashion label owned by Sean Diddy Combs.[ The label was established in New York City in March 1996 by Evan Davis, Lando Macoun, and Tony Shellman. The three co-founders had originally met while working for Seattle-based clothing brand International News. In October 2008 Enyce was purchased by Sean Combs and the Sean John Enterprise for $20 million.

Many have mispronounced the brand name over the years. The pronunciation originates from the phonetic spelling of "NYC" (en-y-ce) but sounded out in an Italian fashion. This was because the company started under Fila, an Italian-based company. Employees asked how they would pronounce the word replied "en-ne-che", making it the "correct" way to say the brand.