Vintage 80s tennis shorts - Restorecph
Vintage 80s tennis shorts - Restorecph

Vintage 80s tennis shorts

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Vintage 80s tennis shorts. It's interesting to trace the roots of tennis clothes and how they evolved over the past years. The earliest tennis clothes for men were made up of cardigans or sweater vests, shirts, and long flannel pants. In the 1930s, male tennis players changed their tennis outfits by tossing out flannel pants in favour of shorts.

In 1975 Le Coq Sportif Outfits ARTHUR ASHE, who beats JIMMY CONNORS To become the first black Tennis player to win Wimbledon.

During the 1970s colour was added to men's tennis apparel for the first time since the earliest days of the sport. The change was introduced after spectators complained that the bland colouring made it difficult to distinguish between players.

Even after colour made an appearance in men's shirts, it remained toned-down, with most using only pastel hues. At around this time the use of headbands became popular, with both John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg sporting this headgear during the period of their famous rivalry.