Pre-owned Off White Marker Arrows Hoodie - Restorecph
Pre-owned Off White Marker Arrows Hoodie - Restorecph
Pre-owned Off White Marker Arrows Hoodie - Restorecph

Pre-owned Off White Marker Arrows Hoodie

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Pre-owned Off White Marker Arrows 2018 Hoodie. 100% cotton made in Portugal, Off White Hoodie, By Virgil Abloh.

The core influence behind Off-White’s recognizable arrows and diagonal logos can be attributed to the work of the British graphic designers Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir. The two designers are better known for designing road signs in the United Kingdom that became the model for road signage across the world. In 1964, Kinneir and Calvert were commissioned to make signs for the newly opened Glasgow airport. The symbol of the airport included an arrows logo that resembled the St. Andrews cross, which was borrowed by Off-White over half a century later. Off-White also seems to be inspired by the diagonals seen on top of airport runway trucks. 

In addition to this, Abloh recently said, In an interview, that he learned how to draw by tracing Dondi’s work.

To this day, the late Dondi is still revered as one of the most influential graffiti artists of all time. A graffiti writer who had such an ill and unique style that he was dubbed "The Style Master General.” Born in East New York, Brooklyn, Dondi crushed entire subway lines in the ‘70s with top to bottom pieces that covered entire train cars. He became one of only a few graffiti writers able to successfully transition into showcasing and selling his work at art galleries. Today, the late Dondi’s artwork is highly sought after and rarely up for sale. Last year, a Dondi painting fetched $240,000 at an auction, and his sketches have sold for over $100,000.

Instead of repurposing famous photos of Dondi’s graffiti on subway cars, Abloh dived into the artist’s sketchbooks. Out of all of Dondi’s artwork, his sketches and drawings remain to be some of his most fascinating art. Alien stick figures and deconstructed graffiti letters were hallmarks of these sketches. Dondi’s sketches of his iconic Children of the Grave whole car piece, his “Pre2” tag with a female swimmer, blueprint drawings, a blackbook piece of a mountain, a blackbook piece of the grim reaper, and other sketches were printed onto various garments for Off-White’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection. However, Off-White was far from being the first streetwear brand to ever collaborate with Dondi—Stussy and Supreme worked with the artist nearly a decade before.